Easel: one artwork at a time

Art-based dialogue

As a facilitator I put art at the core of my practice and I view my audience as my collaborators in unraveling what the images mean to us. “What is going on in this picture?” is a present continuous: the observation is happening for us, here and now.

Museums and galleries are among the few public places in this society, where we are allowed to take things in slowly: one artwork at a time”.

Karen Vanhercke, founder of easel.world

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I host my Art-based dialogues in English because I think the international perspective enhances our understanding of the art.


My mission is to connect people and to change the way they perceive themselves through art.


The moment we are willing to talk about what we see, self-understanding is within our reach.

Why choose me for your Art-based dialogue?

Because I have the expertise and knowledge to help you create authentic connections with yourself and with your audiences!

Have a Project in mind?

I can help you make the impact count by bringing art into it!

Experience Shapes Unique Perceptions!

We see Things the way we are!

These people took the Easel training

And are now walking the Talk!

The more we engage with people in different languages, the more our dialogue becomes inclusive!

Karen: coach – Belgium
Laura: facilitator – Lithuania
Katrijn: facilitator – Belgium
Anne: facilitator – Belgium
Yuliya: facilitator – Belarus
And┼żelika: facilitator – Lithuania
Janice: facilitator – USA
Ernesta: facilitator – Lithuania
Tania: facilitator – Mexico
Audrius: facilitator – Lithuania
Oleksandra: facilitator – Ukraine
Kamile: facilitator – Lithuania