Karen Vanhercke – coach, facilitator and founder of easel.world

As a former educational researcher at the Art & History Museum in Brussels, and as a former educational curator at MO Museum in Vilnius, I enjoyed having rich collections at my finger tips and a variety of audiences to engage with. I developed my method, called Art-based Dialogue, by absorbing existing theories and by integrating what I learnt from my practice as an educator. Art-based Dialogue became my main focus in 2021, when I curated MO museum’s first children’s exhibition, Lake Full of Stars. In this exhibition I presented dialogue as the main educational tool. What I understand under Dialogue is firmly rooted in the tradition of Visual Thinking – Abigail Housen – who believed people don’t need to be experts to make sense out of art. My personal goal is to connect people from different backgrounds through art and to build communities around diversity and tolerance. With the support of the Lithuanian Culture Council I was able to quick start a training program in the summer of 2022. My training programs are ongoing – every summer – and are attended by people from all over the world. I also offer weekly online discussions and monthly onsite meetings in local museums.

Students Say This about Karen’s Trainings:

“I got to know myself and others through the art. This mutual understanding is exactly what is needed in Mediation”

Anne Van Langendonck – Lawyer

This training is full of treasures. It was a joy to be in the group and to experience all the support and knowledge needed to develop facilitation skills. Karen is a perfect role model to follow .

Ieva Sližienė – Lecturer

“One of the most interesting courses in which I participated these last three years. Already I use some of the elements with children groups”

Lina Karosienė – Co-founder of Europos Parkas

“Thank you for the training!  Now I am an independent educator and facilitator!” 

Oleksandra Mazurenko – Screenwriter

“Pure solid knowledge on theory and practice! This course makes it crystal clear how important art is to develop observation and verbal expression. Highly recommended!”

Tanis Gamez de Leon – Art Historian

“I learnt about impartiality and about being comfortable with disagreement in a discussion. Just the other day I walked into a gallery and was surprised by how much more I SEE! Overall I feel changed by this training and I 100% recommend it to my colleagues and friends!”

Yuliya Batura – Economist

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